Saginaw Waste Water Treatment Facility

This facility came online in 1950 as a primary treatment quarantine unit.  It is a one and a half million gallon wastewater tank that  is used as part of the Secondary Treatment plan.

The second stage of the wastewater treatment is a biological process. This process takes place in the aeration tanks. There are 4 aeration tanks, each with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons. The work will consist of Hydro-demo for the removal of the top floor slab, and Injection of urethane grout on floors and walls to contain leakage.Epoxy injection will be used on the perimeter wall cracks for structural repairs.

Tanks PSI  1&4 will be getting new inlet pipe lining.Tank PSI 1 will have removal of existing clarifier arm and new arm is being built.New slab topping to be poured; 7800 sq ft of concrete to be replaced

Ram Construction was hired by DMC For Repairs on the parking deck at Harper Hospital
The Buhl building is 385,000 square feet and opened in 1925, according to Historic Detroit, which tracks Detroit buildings and architecture history.
Livonia-based RAM Construction Services has been hired for repairs on the deteriorating central parking deck in downtown Plymouth, which holds about 300 vehicles.
Scioto Parking Garage is a 2 story underground parking garage located in Columbus, OH. The parking garage was originally a flat parking lot converted into a two story parking garage with a peninsula/park and underground water fountain with light show on top.
The IDS Center is an office tower located in downtown Minneapolis. When built in 1972, it was the tallest building in the state at 792 feet.
The Mall of America, located in Bloomington, MN, is the second largest shopping mall in the United States.
St. Cloud Hospital’s south parking ramp is the most heavily used ramp, as well as the most conveniently located to the main hospital building.
This is a unique project combining two adjacent historic buildings coupled with a new construction annex to form an eight (8) story 130 room hotel.
This is a seven story precast parking structure located on the east side of University of Michigan Medical Center, Taubman Center Building.
Detroit Renewable Energy was formed in 2010 with the objective of improving the operating efficiency, safety and reliability of Detroit's existing renewable energy and waste infrastructure.
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 award winning facility for excellence in Operation and Maintenance; this is a direct reflection of the Ionia Waste Water Treatment Plant staff’s commitment to excellence. 
The project was designed to replace older housing within campus and provide housing for those students with special needs. The entire project consisted of a 3 story parking garage, multiple housing units and a mixed used retail/apartment building.
Canton Fire Station is a large municipality building equipped with a gym, equipment room, sleeping quarters, wash room, mechanical/electrical room, and a main bay area to house fire trucks.
RAM Construction Services was contracted to perform concrete repairs on WSU’s Parking Structure #1. The scope of work included hydro demolition and overhead concrete repairs.
The Akron Spillways Improvement project consists of repairing miscellaneous structural deficiencies at various spillways, dikes, and dams at City of Akron Water Plant source intake structures.
The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel was experiencing deterioration to its concrete ventilation shaft. RAM Construction Services was contracted to perform the restoration which consisted of concrete demolition
The Lexington Parking Authority recently acquired four parking garages from the city of Lexington. Their Annex garage is a six story deck that incorporates a helix as an exit ramp.
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