Awards & Certifications

  • ABAA Certified
  • Certified Nosselman – American Shotcrete Association
  • Certified Post-Tension Installation & Inspection – Post- Tension Institute
  • Certified Neogard Applicator
  • Certified 3-M Applicator
  • Certified Laurenco Installer
  • Certified American Hydrotec Installer
  • Certified Watson Bowman Installer
  • Certified Emseal Installer
  • Asa Outstanding Project Award – Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project – 2007
  • Icri Award Of Excellence Repair Of Municipal Structures – Maynard Street Parking Structure – 2000
       Pyramid Awards
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Built in 1929, the Guardian Building in Detroit, Michigan has become one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in all of the United States.  The historic façade features artistically placed brick, tile, limestone and terracotta.  While many are drawn to the prominent exterior, the mosaics of Pewabic and Rockwood tile that adorn the Guardian Building’s interior attract vast amounts of visitors daily.  This “Cathedral of Finance” will forever be a prominent addition the Detroit skyline. 


Work at the Guardian Building required constant coordination between our crew, the owner, the architect, and building tenants.  Crews worked two shifts, one in the afternoon and one overnight, in structural demolition work had to take place after work hours so that tenants would not be disturbed during the course of their workdays.  With the complex design of the building, unconventional rigging techniques were designed and implemented to safely use our suspended scaffolding.  Due to the historic nature of the building, material such as the brick, mortar mix design, and terracotta were required to be replaced with as close to the original material as possible.  Our team worked hard to safely and successfully complete all of the restoration necessary at the historic Guardian Building.  

RAM Construction Services’ dedication to continued excellence pushes us to employ the most highly skilled and dedicated craftsman. RAM Construction Services promotes the continual education and training of all team members to develop a highly skilled and educated workforce.
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